Path of Hours

by Reliquary

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Our second album was birthed after several years of rough times, losses, and tragedies large and small, reflected in every track.


released January 11, 2011

Produced by Bo Caldwell
Recorded by Beth Caldwell and Bo Caldwell, with assistance from students at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences
Mixed by Michael Jones, Tony Nunes, and Beth Caldwell
Mastered by Ralph Patlan
All arrangements by Reliquary
All music and lyrics by Reliquary except Dido's Lament (Henry Purcell)
Cover art by Tommy Genest
Band photos by Joi Carey
Design direction by

Special thanks to the staff of the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences




Reliquary Phoenix, Arizona

“…quietly intoxicating and genuinely lovely.” –Mick Mercer

Phoenix-based Reliquary has become a favorite in the goth music scene. Their influences span several genres, including goth rock, industrial, darkwave and classical. Bands that have helped mold their sound include Faith and The Muse, The Smiths, Qntal, Lacrimosa and Requiem in White. ... more

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Track Name: (I am) Blind
inside this telltale heart
until our fingers part
between our reaching hands
a story written bright
above and out of sight
of our blinded eyes

take time
steal mine
away again
this time
this moment
i am blind

ageless and divine
hallowed and cast aside
this mystic’s vision untold
a fiction shimmering with light
a seer bereft of sight
these doors forever closed
Track Name: Tale of Mercy
from days gone by i am awakening
with sight reborn, with purpose felt anew
a creature formed by hands of mercy
a phoenix child flying on molten wings

from ashes cold
our love will arise
a tale once told

the drifting shreds of lives lost within
the spreading dark, no light to call them home
i touch your face with hands of mercy
an angel child who never found her wings

take one for love, and another for loss
and so to shape the feathers of your wings
i touch with care, with hands of mercy
your soaring form, that found its way to me
Track Name: Dusk Falls
autumn has passed me by again
heeled by winter’s lidded gaze
my mind wanders farther in
and frost embitters every day

dusk falls in the dreaming
a promise of snow

spinning threads of gossamer
to weave my secret skin
haunted by these thoughts of you
heaven-bright and spectre-grim

darkened days have given voice
to febrile creatures, dusk and wan
each created in your likeness
and given a stage to play upon
Track Name: Dido's Lament
thy hand, belinda – darkness shades me.
on thy bosom, let me rest.
more i would, but death invades me –
death is now a welcome guest.

when i am laid in earth
may my wrongs create no trouble in thy breast.
remember me, but ah! forget my fate.
Track Name: Over the Edge
i don't know when everything inside me died
or when when the pain began
i can't recall the scent of joy
or the color of happiness

over the edge and nothing's there to catch me when i fall

nothing left of my inner light
no reason to smile
i am gone
drifted away on the wind
Track Name: Regret
once upon a time
a life i’ve lived before
a different face i wore
you had another name

these dreams of dark regret
are filled with bitter tears
chasing ghosts of the past
and all the lives we’ve not lived yet

so close the sound
of our nirvana
a kiss and we are found
and lost like promised love

at cycle’s end
reborn again
this weary soul
always longing for your hands
Track Name: Love Songs
all alone again, these thoughts running
through and through my head and drowning
me in their sorrow and their lies and
all the colors kept inside, oh

love songs kept close to my heart
like pretty lies they start
to creep inside and devour my mind
love songs kept close to my heart

now and then i try to run away
from the horrors by my side but
still they come and creep inside and
play their tricks on my mind, oh

i will see in time the truth amidst
all my dearest lies, my fondest
melodies collide with words you’ve
spoken in my mind, oh
Track Name: Shadows Cast
shadows cast like sins of heaven
stirring echoes, shifting minds
pouring out a cold grey dream-state
raining portents, hailing signs

a vision, a nightmare
burns in colors in your mind
a fever, it’s madness
given meaning in time

rainbow glow a washed-out nightmare
bringing sorrow, pouring wine
faster in a spinning whirlwind
fall like petals from a vine

blinded by the incandescence
fade to silence, passing bright
colors in a charcoal dreamscape
stealing thoughts of wondrous sights
Track Name: Ophelia
turning her back upon the rising moon, watching the tide roll out
thinking about the path she chose, thinking about the friends she's lost
and they laugh at her but she knows they'll never know
of the joy she's found in the darkness
tracing faces on the ceiling, watching them fade into the night
it's never enough for her that he holds her hand
it's never enough for her to know he's thinking of her in the night
it's never enough for her, nothing could ever satisfy her
it's never enough for her to go on living one more night
turning her back upon the rising sun
watching the clouds roll in
thinking about the plans she's made
thinking about the dreams she's lost
and it's nothing new
just another shade in this world of grey
but it's the only joy in the darkness
was never enough for her that he held her hand
was never enough for her to know
he's thinking of her in the night
was never enough for her
nothing could ever satisfy her
was never enough for her
to go on living one more night
Track Name: Coriolis
turning and turning
the eye of the storm
endless whirl of cloudy sky
heart now burning
draw my pain with ashes
bind my limbs, i am
changed forever and always


trembling and moving
inside me, a storm
wind like whispered song
grey and swirling
with a word anoint me
with a thought, i am
sworn forever and always
turning and turning
our love is a storm
endless whirl of cloudy sky
hearts now burning
draw my life with ashes
bind my soul, i am
changed forever and always turning

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